Catalogs and Books

    B.4.01.Kitty Harmon, The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists               Explore Cartography, Princeton Architectural Press, New               York 2009 (Map Drawing, p. 175)

      B.4.02.From Here. Poems by Zoe Skoulding, Images by Simonetta               Moro, Ypolita Press for the 2008 Dusie Chapbook               Kollektiv, UK (collaborative project)

      B.4.03.An Abecedarium for Our Times, exhibition catalogue,
           curated by Radhika Subramaniam, Apex Art, New York 2008
           (original commissioned artwork)

      B.4.04.Fables of Lafontaine, translated by Constantine               Christofides and Christopher Carsten. Edited by Koren               Christofides. Seattle: University of Washington Press,               2006. Includes one of the two commissioned illustrations               for the exhibition and the book (p. 128)

      B.4.05.Roamings, exhibition catalogue, Il Quadrato di Omega,               Roma 2003 (with an essay by Ara H. Merjian)

      B.4.06.Teach the children nothing but Facts, exhibition               catalogue, Lavatoio Contumaciale, Roma 2001
              (introductory essay by S.M.)

      B.4.07.MM, American Academy in Rome, exhibition catalogue,              Roma, Italy, 2000.>

  Articles, Reviews, Listings:
       B.4.08.Review of "Outside-In", Wooster Art Space by Lilly Wei,               Artnews, March 2004, Vol.103, No. 3, p. 134.

      B.4.09."Outside-In" Listings, Voice Choice, Dec. 3-9, 2003; New               York Magazine, Dec.22-29, 2003; Time Out New York,
              Dec. 18-Jan 1, 2004

      B.4.10."Biblical Epic From Talented Student", Evening Post,               Preston, UK, October 23, 2002

      B.4.11.Listing on Art Monthly, October 2002

      B.4.12."Cortili Aperti: un weekend di natura e arte", La               Repubblica, May 26, 2000

      B.4.13."Accademia Americana: le diverse lingue di dieci               artisti", La Repubblica, June 25, 2000

      B.4.14."L'arte sotto casa", La Repubblica, Roma, May 27, 2000

      B.4.15."Artisti da cortile", Time Out Roma, June 2000.

      B.4.16."Klein Venedig Auf Venezianisch", Öffentliche Anzeiger,               December 15, 1997