B.3.Exhibition Documentation
    1."The Panorama Project", Hatton Gallery screen shot (upcoming show)

      2."Flaneur in The Mall" Accepted Proposal for Art In Odd Places: Chance 2010

      3.Art In Odd Places: Signs, 2009
         a.AiOP 2009 Card
        b.AAiOP 2009 Brochure

      4.Card for Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2010

      5.Peripatetic Box", Conflux 08 Exhibition Board

      6."The Other Drawings", Direction Gallery 2008
         a.Press Release
         b.Selected Student Responses from CSU MFA Program

      7."Emotional Geographies", SACI Gallery, Florence, Italy 2008
         a.Press Release

      8."L(A)ttitudes", The Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery, Washington DC 2008
         a.Letter of Invitation
         b.Press Release

      9.Card for "The Father", La Mama Etc., New York 2008; scenic art

      10.MCA Loan Agreement for "Peripatetic Box", 2007

      11.Flux Factory, NYNYNY card, 2007

      12.Lmcc Swing Space Open House brochure, 2006

      13."Unrecorded Unreckoned Between Thick Walls" Marmara Gallery card, 2005 (solo)

      14.Card for Sideshow exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

      15.Press Release of Outside/In, Wooster Art Space 2003

      16.Harris Museum & Art Gallery brochure, Preston, UK, 2002 (solo)

      17."Reconstructing Babel", Harris Museum guide to the exhibition, 2002.

      18.Premio Arte Announcement, 2000

      19.IIC brochure (Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Italian Institute of Culture)          Barcelona, 1996 (solo)

      20.Live Art brochure, Gstaad, 1993